Most times, when people need a lawyer, it’s due to a problem or situation that needs to be resolved. Maybe it’s a work-related injury, or an accident caused by a third-party’s negligence. Someone else might need counsel on a criminal matter, or a civil case. Still others will need assistance with matrimonial issues.

No matter what the circumstance, when you need an attorney, you need more than someone who simply knows the law. You need a firm that’s experienced, is responsive, and understands what you’re going through.

The combined experience of the legal team at Cillick & Smith is more than 68 years. In that time, we’ve represented literally thousands of clientsinvolving criminal, workers compensation, personal injury, civil and matrimonial cases. We’ve been successful for our clients because in addition to our knowledge of the law, we know how the system works, and we know how to get things done.

Cillick & Smith enjoys an excellent reputation among our clients, peers, and colleagues, and our clients appreciate our experience, integrity and compassion. Every case may be different, and every client is different, but everyone is treated with the same amount of dignity and respect. Cillick & Smith clients quickly realize they’re not just enlisting the services of a law firm. They’re working with attorneys they can trust.

When you need an attorney, call us. You’ll get more than legal advice. A lot more